tantra & shamanism


Tantric Practice is practicing shifting your awareness away from your busy thoughts to fully experience life as it unfolds in the moment. Tantric practice uses breath, sound, movement, awareness, and sometimes touch, to achieve this. Embodied Therapy offers coaching sessions in Tantra for individuals, people in relationships, and groups. There are regular practice classes on Tuesday evenings in Brisbane.

Follow your embodied wisdom to expand and enhance your experience of living, here and now.

Tantra appointments are 90 minutes and $170 for individuals or $190 for people in relationships

For an article on Tantric Practice see Examining Tantric Practice



Shamanic merging practices are about intending from your core. In focusing awareness in your physical centre, and intending to experience from there, you have access to the macrocosm within. Scientists now know that matter in essence is energy vibrating at different frequencies and intensities. Traditional cultures have long known this. In learning to be intentionally present through your centre, you begin to experience the more subtle aspects of existence, to be more in sync with your environment, and to be able to nourish and replenish yourself effectively

Embodied shamanism appointments are 60 minutes and $150