embodied relationships

In any relationship there is shared ground as well as difference. Relationships are therefore unfolding journeys that present powerful opportunities for growth and learning.

Feeling out of sync, gridlocked or challenged in a relationship is a call for growth and learning.

Embodied relationship work supports you in becoming clearer about what you are experiencing, to empower you to make choices that fully support your connection with yourself and your partner or partners.

Learning to pay attention to the reality of your embodied experience with curiosity, openness and acceptance, allows you to experience greater choice and freedom, to feel more effective and supported in your communication, and to develop connections which are more deeply rewarding.

Embodied relationship sessions are 90 minutes and $190 for 2 or more people

stemAs we become more present to what we are experiencing through the body, the nervous system develops so that we have greater capacity for connection with ourselves, with the people in our lives, and with the environments we live in. We develop greater capacity for empathy, for self regulation (or choice) in the body, intuition and attuned communication, which supports us in leading more satisfying sex lives.When we practice embodied skills over time, we start to experience a greater range of orgasmic sensations through the body, and have the tools to work through sexual issues and concerns when they arise.

For more information on how embodied therapy can enhance your sex life, go to www.sexcoaching.com.au