embodied massage

Embodied Massage Brisbane

Embodied Massage is deeply present bodywork that follows the body’s direction to facilitate natural healing processes. Practitioner and client focus deeply on what is being experienced through the body. In this sense, Embodied Massage can be considered a form of Tantra Bodywork, even though you may choose to leave all your clothes on. Tantric Practice is the practice of being fully present to what you are experiencing through the body, to bring us into awareness of the rhythms of life we are experiencing moment to moment.

The emotionally, sensually, and energetically meaningful touch of an embodied therapist facilitates physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

dropesKahuna bodywork is a deeply fluid form of bodywork that irons out the muscles while rejuvenating connective tissue, including lymph and blood. From traditional Hawaiian medicine, kahuna bodywork offers a holistic approach to replenish physical, emotional, and energetic resources.

Embodied massage and kahuna bodywork appointments are 90 minutes and $150