embodied therapy

Embodied Therapy develops your potential to live fully, and empowers you to direct your own growth and learning.

Breakthroughs in science and technologies this century are showing us that every aspect of our lives, including our bodies, thoughts, emotions, relationships, eroticism and spirituality, are aspects of an interconnected system that develop, learn and grow together.

In learning to live more in the moment and experience life more fully through your body, you develop greater choice in your life experience, the freedom to direct our own growth and development, and more ease with the process of living.

“To be fully embodied means to be at one with who we are, in every respect, including our physical being, our emotions, and the totality of our situation”. Reginald A Ray


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Deej Juventin is a leader in the field of embodied therapy within Australia. His work supports clients to mobilize their capacities for growth, learning and change through embodied counselling, bodywork, meditation, sex coaching, and Tantric Practice.

He holds qualifications in psychology, sociology, counselling, adult education, kahuna bodywork, somatic sex education and professional supervision. He has an MA in Somatic and Spiritual Psychology. He was awarded Somatic Sex Educator of the Year for 2016 at the Sexual Freedom Awards in London.

He supports the development of body-based therapies in Australia through teaching professional trainings for embodied counsellors and somatic sex educators, and offers professional supervision for therapists who work somatically. He is the President of the Somatic Sex Educators’ Association of Australasia, and co-director of the Institute of Somatic Sexology.

Deej welcomes people of all genders, sexualities, and relationship choices to work with him.